Executive Search

We have developed and employ a proprietary process that is logical, thorough and straightforward.  Uniquely, we share all project data with you on a confidential basis from the inception of the engagement to completion. We work as a team on our engagements from inception to completion.

This unique team approach ensures a thorough examination of the marketplace and a strong analysis of candidate capabilities for this position. Every search we conduct is managed and executed by Jim Theodore our Managing Director as team leader. To ensure quality, we typically work on a maximum of two to three engagements simultaneously. This provides maximum focus and performance for each search.

Young woman holding laptop PC and various news images. abstract mixed media.In addition to timely verbal updates, we provide weekly written documentation to you that chronicle the exact progress of the engagement and status of the search at the close of each business week. These tools are interactive and we actively seek feedback from you during each step of the process. We firmly believe that the keys to success are effective process implementation coupled with strong communications.

We initiate the search process by meeting with key decision makers in the search to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives for the position in question, as well as obtaining a thorough grounding in the cultural requirements of your Company. This guarantees both our ability to represent you professionally within the marketplace as well as ensuring that candidates submitted not only match the position requirements but have, as well, the ability to acculturate themselves within your Group.

Once we establish a recruitment profile, we subsequently construct, with you, the target company and candidate grid (which is constantly upgraded throughout the search) and launch our approach. Once we have mutually agreed upon a preliminary list of candidates and subsequently conduct our interviews, our recommendation of candidates is predicated upon the agreed upon specifications for the position.


Businesswoman working on laptop in her workstation.Through Skype and personal interviews, we provide you with an objective summary of the candidates’ capabilities to meet those specifications. Our candidate evaluations focus on the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the position specification and are prepared in conjunction with our psychometric partner, Thomas International™.

Research indicates that how a person does something, predicts success better than what his or her qualifications enable him or her to do. When interviewing candidates, we avoid narrative interviews that simply regurgitate an individual's achievements. Instead, we focus on "how" questions, following our interviewing matrix. Answers to these questions can be windows into the individual's behavioral characteristics, enabling judgment of the candidate's ability to perform in the job and adapt to your Company Culture.

Our goal is to provide you with an accurate description of the candidate’s background with an assessment of their ability to perform in the specific position.

Depending upon your requirements, we can actively assist during the final interview and negotiation process, providing feedback on a timely basis. Due to our positioning within the Industry, our ability to gather solid references on the finalist candidate is both swift and secure to complete the project. We recognize the value of a business relationship based upon success.

Executive (Psychometric) Assessment

We work in partnership with Thomas International™ the worldwide leader in Psychometrics. Psychometric assessments are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' intellectual capabilities and behavioral style.

Psychometric assessments are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). They identify the extent to which candidates' personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role and fit within your company culture. We use the information collected from the psychometric assessment to identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are often difficult to extract from a Skype or face-to-face interview.

In conjunction with Thomas International™ we utilize an on line psychometric evaluation which can be taken in any of 250 languages. As part of the search process, each Candidate completes a psychometric assessment which assists in providing additional perspective on the individual Candidate.

Personal Profile Analysis

The Foundation of our assessment process is the Personal Profile Analysis, the PPA. The PPA provides an overview of an individual’s basic behavioral characteristics, self-image, primary motivators, recommended job emphasis, behavior modification in the work environment and behavior under pressure.

The PPA is an in-depth behavioral report for inclusion in the hiring and coaching process of individuals.  It is a good basis for self-awareness of work behavior and modifications the individual may be making currently in their respective workplace.

Management Audit

A Management Audit is an analysis of individual management and motivational skills, decision-making styles, approach to planning and problem solving, communication skills, subordinate development and administrative abilities.

This report will assess management style and skills. It also identifies specific management skills and/or training requirements of new and existing managers as well as potential management candidates from outside or within the organization.

Job Comparison Report

This Report, created for finalist candidates, utilizes the Job Profile we develop with our Client at the beginning of each search and compares the finalist candidates to the job.  It validates the Job Profile and reports on the areas of compatibility and gaps.

Candidate interview questions can be developed from the Personal Strengths (compatibility) and Possible Limitations (natural incompatibility) to probe how the person will meet the job requirements.  With incompatibilities, this report highlights areas in the Candidate’s background to develop for success.